Colin Stevens

Hello, I'm Colin

About me

I'm a current software engineer with a background in full stack development, systems administration, DevSecOps, and building solutions in an agile team.

I have an interest in software optimization, scripting, systems administration, security, machine learning, cloud solutions, and continuously seeking out new technologies and skills to improve.

My machines

My lightweight servers run Arch Linux, while my stable production platforms run Ubuntu server (currently v16.04 stable). My personal machines are LUKS encrypted and run either straight Arch linux, or dual boot Arch and Windows.

For those of my machines that have graphical frontends, I use KDE (currently Plasma 5).


I spend some of my free time working on open source projects, tinkering with my computer(s), reading, and learning about all sorts of things that interest me. Sometimes I even write about those things.

For more technical details about me, you can read my CV. For ways to get ahold of me, you can read my contact details.


I receive mail at the accounts below, all of which are able to receive PGP encrypted mail.

My key's fingerprint is 9952 D345 315A 072E 513C AF2A 43A8 A014 495B 444F and can be downloaded here.

— my main address for professional contact.
— alternate reliable contact address.
Around the Web

If you'd like another way to get a hold of me, additional contact information is available on request through one of the above channels.